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Qatar Airways (non-stop) Emirates (1-stop flights)

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Qatar to Sydney

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Australia Travel

by Caitlyn Labuschagne

I first went to Sydney where my cousin-Kyle picked me up from the airport. We didn't stop from there. We went for a lovely walk at Bethel where he stays. Aus Bethel has quite a large property with paddocks and cows and a lake etc. Beautiful and many similarities to SA Bethel. Then we went out with some Bethelites. I 1st stayed at some friends for 2 nights then stayed at Bethel for 2 nights. While I was staying with friends, my cuz took me down South of Sydney to see the craggy beaches(gorgeous) and kangaroo valley with towns mingled in between. On Monday, I went to the city and walked around the water front. Looked at the Sydney Opera house, circular Quey, Botanical gardens, Darling harbour, the Rocks, Hyde Park, etc. From there I took a ferrie to Manly island, went for a walk there and did some shopping. Then took the ferrie back and carrried on with my wanderings in Sydney. Plenty of old architecture(I loved) all in the city and other towns. Lots of the famous old buildings are turned into shoppin centres. There's plenty Mc Donald's in Sydney and they sell frozen coke which is really good even though I'm not a coke addict.heheh...I, later, caught the train to Ingleburn which is near bethel and Kyle picked me up. That evening I got to go to the family WT prep and a lecture. Was so good. They have it in a kingdom hall on Bethel grounds but not attached within the main Bethel building like ours. In fact, theirs is a new one, as the original hall was too small. They had about 300 staying there while I was there as the MTS school was there at the time. I got to go to morning worship which was great. I went on a Bethel tour Tuesday which my cuz took. We saw a lot but they don't take you on a home tour like ours, so we watched a dvd on it before our tour. That afternoon I took a thourough tour of the property and sat by the lake to read the latest mags. The bethelites there were very friendly which was great. The evenings we mainly spent in my cuz's room with friends. On Wed, I went out to a group for Cambodian witnessing which was so much fun. I loved it and tried to do a presentation in Cambodian. We went back to Bethel for lunch and spent time with friends then my cuz took me for a tour of his dept that afternoon(which started with 3pm tea) and that evening I left for Perth.

The flight from Sydney to Perth is about 5hrs. A Meg and U Andrew picked me up after their meeting and took me home, chatted and made me very comfy. I was in a lovely room and my own section of the house. Sasch and my rooms were close. A Meg put a beautiful big rose in my room for me to enjoy. Roses grow SO well there.
The next day, after taking an easy morning, we saw U Andrew at work then we went to the maze which was where I got to see the Koala's and pat them(so soft!!!) and the emus and kangeroos with their very strong thick tails. There were also many beautiful birds there. It was a lovely place. We sat and had a picnic lunch there and did a few mazes which for amatuers, we did quite well(with A Meg leading of course,hehehe...). From there we went to some wine and cheese farms AND A CHOC FACTORY!!!!! They had such good chocolate there of every kind. We decided to have coffee which comes with a choc of your choice(we had champagne truffles). This was my into to macchiatos so we sat, drank and ate in such a beautiful place. I was totally enjoying the moment... This was I think along the upper part of the swan river although the choc factory was called the Margaret choc factory as there is one down South where Margeret river actually is.
A Meg and I had such a good time!!! We went home to meet U Andy, packed a picnic and went to Kings Park to watch the sunset go down over the city. Wow, Wow and Wow. We had champagne with strawberries in and watched the city light up in the dark with the train way, highways and swan river link up. We then went for a walk and they showed me the whispering wall where A Meg and I sat on one side and U Andy far on the other side. When we whispered, he could hear us and vice versa. Sooooooo nice!!! It was so good being with them. We then went for a drive around to see places worthy of mention and catch up on some details I've missed over a long time. Then we went home and chatted and had oysters(never had before but were like eating sea breeze). Fantastic! The next day, U Andy took off work to take A Meg and I to Freemantle to go on a lunchtime cruise. It was a beautiful lunch of lasagna,curry and rice, salads of much variety, fruit medley etc. We then spent the cruise taking photos, chatting, purchasing hehehe, coveting houses we would like to have along the swan river we were touring etc. We started near to where the river opens to the sea and cruised right up to the city. There were so many amazing things and features we saw on the way and back. Aaahhhh...After the cruise, we walked around Freemantle and ate icecream in the Park and went to an awesome boutique like coffee shop with a large black board with favourite sayings on and chandeliers etc. Yet another macchiato was enjoyed... We did some window shopping then went home because we were heading to a Thai restaurant to have supper with A Megs & A Ands friends who were delightful. We had thai starters, then we each ordered a meal then when it came, we pass them around and try each one. Fantastic!!! U Andy showed me drag racing on the pc and we watched a piece of the famous holden versus ford race together. Loved every moment!!! Saturday, we went on fieldies with the group. I got to wrk with A Meg and afterwards, we went on some rvs which also gave me some insight into who they visit regularlary. It was great!!! Then, we headed off to the beach...well quite a few...but we swam at Cotesloe beach with the Indian colonial tea house right on the beach. It was so deep, I could touch the bottem sand, put my arms straight up and still have the water over my finger tips...this was so we could get past being bashed by the waves. Loved that. A Meg waited for us while U Andrew and I had a good swim. There's no shark nets there, however there are helicopters who watch out for sharks. We again had coffee in a really funky coffee shop on the beach front which was great fun then drove to some other beaches and went for a walk in the later afternoon along one of them. That evening we had a special dinner and I got to spend time with my new gran, A Megs mum. We hit out some spiritual topics I had been wondering about recently and so enjoyed it thouroughly. They all really helped. A Andrew printed out some info to make things clearer for me. Gran had been spoiling us so much. She had bought me gluten free cake and put in fridge one of the days we were out. A Meg made such nice tasting and pretty food which I can learn from. She made some snacky food as well which I love. I was spoilt!!! On Sunday, we had a late breakfast. U Meg made me gluten free flap jacks(some with banana in-yum) and toast(such a treat) and U Andy grilled some breakfast for us on the barbeque. Sasch was in the garden. Gran phoned and gave me more info on our discussions the previous nite. After a lesuirely time, we went to the meeting and got to see and hear them in action-yay!!! Then we went for coffee at the Dome after the meeting and met up with some bros then after briefly popping home, we drove to U Jeremy and A Purna's to have supper. This is just a short brief of my 4-day visit at A Megs and U Andrew. They are such good friends and parents. It was so interesting and encouraging to hear about A Megs studies. Talk about challenging!!!

At U J's and A P's, we were greeted by breath-taking hugs. I felt so welcome and loved. We had snacks A Meg prepared of us and a delicious supper a Purna had worked hard on. It was all lit up in such a pretty way. That evening was lovely to have both aunts and uncles and A cousin. A Purna had made a beautiful room for me with a homely african touch and flowers. The next day, we went to Karl and Nicoles. What a relief to see how well they doing and how happy they are. They spoiled us rotten too. They took Ross and I on a picnic in the botanical gardens there(so beautiful) and we had a jolly good chat and caught up. Then we went to a golf estate nearby and had drinks on the deck with more catching up. I loved being with them again.
Tuesday, I went in the field with A Purna and Ross and another sister after meeting at the group. Ross and I had done some NH's before the group which was very motivating for me for back home. We did rv's after field then went home and had lunch then went to a movie which was very moving, heheh. We then went for drinks/snacks. That night we did the weakly bible reading as a family, so good!!! Wednesday, A Purna took me to the city and we had a girls day out shopping up a storm...heheh travelled on the train. A Purna and U J, Ross and A Purnas mum, other gran spoilt me and gave me much. Had lunch at a shop that only sells salads, really nice, wish we had one at home!!! That evening we went to the meeting and met some lovely, lovely bros & sisters. A Purna and I did a demo for U Jerry. Fortunately, it seems people were listening to my accent and not to what I was saying hehehe. I met an awesome couple who were missionaries in many places. I could have talked to them forever!!! I want them in our cong!!! Oh well, there were lots of really good new friends that I thoroughly enjoyed. It was interesting to see how different the Aus kingdom halls are to ours. Very nice. They even had a painted scenery of a place nearby on the stage behind the speaker. Thursday, Ross and I watched dvd for hrs then took a walk on the beach. A Purna made us delicious meals every day following with tea/cofffee and pudding. She often made me lunch and supper. I didn't lift a finger the whole holiday...spoilt!!!  Friday, Ross drove me down to Fremantle to the Fremantle markets where there was some boomerangs for Ross and I found the perfect parasole for gag for fieldies in sun but didn't think they would allow me to take on plane so will have to find one here. We got icecream and sat in the park then A Meg met us there in the afternoon and we did some shopping then we went to see where her mom used to live and went to a street of lovely little boutiques and another excellent coffee shop where both A Meg and Ross treated me. There was a diverse wine shop across the road which was a pleasurable way to learn about new wines and things to accompany it. A Meg took us us back to Ross's car(love her driving) and went our diff ways. It was A Megs and U Ands assembly the next day. I wish I had seen U And talk...apparently it went off well. While that was going on, U Jerry and A Purna were driving us down South Perth to sight see. What a treat!!! We left about 6am then got breakfast at Hungry Jacks then Ross and I went back to sleep so missed quite a bit. We went to Pemberton and drove through forest after forest. I love forest!!! We had a snacky tasty picnic amongst a mixture of trees form around the world with a stream nearby U Jerry and Ross bravely crossed.hehe. We climbed 3 really tall trees. The trees are Karri trees and are used to spot fires. The first one was over 50m up. the 2nd around 60m I think and the last one just over 70m. I was petrified but luckily had an ipod so put very calming music on which helped as I was determined to conquer my fears. The view was so worth it. We also went on forest walks and saw a beautiful waterfall where someone was having their wedding photos done. We stayed in Augusta where the two seas meet. Most western/southern side of Peth. U Jerry and A Purna had booked a cute, lovely place to stay. There was a cute upstairs room like a loft with a window looking over an amazing view. Before dinner at the nearby hotel, we went for a drive to the water(river/sea) to walk around and enjoy the wildlife. The hotel gave us very generous portions of tasty food and I got very accustomed to drinking lemon lime bitters which seems to be very popular in Aus and I can see why. U Jerry and Ross made a fire when we got back and then we all played some games which was such good fun. The next morning we left our warm abode to go to the light house there. So we wondered about there and read about the people who had lived and worked there and of the wars and soldiers lives there too. After that, we went to Jewel cave. I really wanted to go to one as have never been here. So we had lunch in snacky picnic form again(love that, A Purna did it so well) and then went on the guided tour of the caves. It's a dry cave with the most amazing formations. We went deep and far under. There was path ways and lighting. Some of the formations they have given up trying to understand because they defy gravity. Can't wait to find out in New Order. We then went to the Mageret River beach which is where the surfers go and U Jerry, Ross and I had a good swim with excellent waves. Afterwards, we had supper at A Purna's sis, A Corin. I was able to meet the extended fam and catch up by watching the dvds of when they were younger. They were very kind and generous. Monday, Ross and I relaxed and tried to tidy the car of the beach I had carried with me. We also went to the green nearby to toss boomerangs. We also did family study out of the new book. What a treat!!! Gonna miss that so much. Very encouraging. Such good food from the org. U Jerry also went through all my questions I didn't understand about blood and fractions and procedures answering my every question- was so good!!! He not only understood my Q's but found them exactly in orgs lit and gave me answers. I was so happy to be able to see them working in action in the way they help the cong. Tuesday, we went to witness at the Armadale train station and met Karl and Nicole there. We then went to the group there which was very well supported. Their house to house seems to be like rurals with driving in between so enjoyed that immensely and had tea at 11am which is the congs ritual. Tuesday is pastry day. They have groups basically evey day and have very good support for each. The brothers and sisters also stay out for long. Then I went with Nicole to her study and Ross went to Karls study. It was very hard to part. That evening we were invited out as a fam to a sisters house where she made italian food for us. We then did the Bible reading for the week with her fam. Wednesday, Ross and I went on field again with NH's first before the group then house to house with some sisters. It was such fun. We kept getting caught in the rain and had some good calls. Then we went on rv's and started a no. of potential bible studies. It was so good, so much joy!!! We got stuck out then rushed home since Ross was going out with a bro for afternoon field. I spent time with A Purna and U J. That evening was again the meeting and the last one I would attend. Was so sad having to leave such good new friends. They were so encouraging, kind and loving!!! Thursday, A Purna and U Jeremy took time off work for me(shame and A Purna was so sick but just kept taking care of us) and we had a late champagne breakfast of all good. Then we went to the beach. Ross and I dug tunnels in the sand while A Purna took photos. Then we went to meet U Jeff and A Louise who also came from Zimbabwe originally. Apparently, U Jeff was good friends with U Ian and grandpa studied with him. We had coffee and cake(these cakes were treacherous!!!hehehe)(I had banana and white choc cheese cake) with them looking over the beach. It was so nice to meet them. We got on like a house on fire. That evening, Ross, U Jerry and I stayed at home to baby sit some kids from the cong while A Purna went to the cong skit rehearsals. Then she brought home supper for us. Both weeks, A Purna made carrot and choc cake for me gluten free stuck to with constancy. ehheheh. On friday, Ross and I went shopping for some things he needed for Bethel and we had coffee with a couple, originally from New Zealand which was loadz of fun. When we had finished shopping, we went back and A Purna took me to the beach to sun tan. Ross came later after an attempt at packing and we had a swim and did more tanning. heheh... Later, we went to A Megs and U Ands for dinner. They had made so much good food!!! And a apple pie specially for me!!! I got to see sasch again and gran. It was great to be with all the fam. I enjoyed the moment. 

Then next day we left early for the airport-international. I was still trying to enjoy the moment and pretend we were there for a diff reason. The travel agent gave me the wrong time to so we were there earlier than need be and would have missed my flight from JHB to Durban so U Jeremy and A And arranged for me to get a later flight. I missed that as well because of complications at the JHB airport but eventually got home and have learnt for next time. I really appreciated them sorting it out for me. We had coffee at the airport all together. Eventually, U J and A P and Ross had to go to the domestic airport so that Ross could catch his flight to Sydney Bethel for two months. So U And and A Meg stayed with me and chatted. It was so painful to say goodbye. I really wish I could join the continents. Oh well, I felt very loved!!!

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