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Qatar to Mangalore flights


Find a reasonably priced Qatar - Mangalore flight by using the flight price comparison tool on the left. Mangalore is in the Karnataka State of India.


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Mangalore accommodation

Direct flights from Qatar to Mangalore

Air India Express

Doha - Mangalore (IXE)


shortest flight path from Qatar to Mangalore, India

The shortest flight path from Qatar to Mangalore is about 2799 kilometres.

Time difference between Qatar & Mangalore

It is 2 and a half hours later in Mangalore than in Qatar.


GMT + 3


GMT + 5:30

If you set your clock to Mangalore's time as soon as you board your flight, it'll help you acclimatise quicker.


4 Oct 2012

Air India Express reschedules its DOH-IXE flights to leave Doha at 09h30 from Mondays to Fridays.

Mangalore accommodation

Budget travellers may want to try the Hotel Singhs International. For those wanting luxury accommodation, perhaps try the Rosewood or Four Seasons Hotel Juhu. Popular hotels in Mangalore include the Orchid and InterContinental Marine Drive Hotels.


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